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We are living in a VUCA world and employers are more than concerned about the income security of their employees at retirement.

Multi-employer pension schemes or umbrella funds are the ideal solution for employers seeking to contribute to the financial wellbeing of their employees at retirement.

The Enwealth (MU) Umbrella Retirement Fund is a pension scheme licensed by the FSC and set up as an umbrella fund where contributions received from various employers are pooled to grow the fund.

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For more information on our multi-employer/umbrella schemes or to get a quote for your company, please call on (+230) 468 7080 or simply email us on Our dedicated officer will get in touch with you.

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Why the Enwealth (MU) Umbrella Retirement Fund?

  • ​Economies of scale: so that costs have a reduced impact on returns declared to members​
  • No exit/entry fees
  • Ability to diversify more effectively
  • Investment choice: Members choose their risk profiles according to their risk appetites
  • Independent service providers
  • Transparency: Scheme assets are safeguarded in a custody account.